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Repairs & Guttering

A problem with your roof can cause serious damage to the rest of your home, so getting the right contractor in early could save you expensive bills later on.

Our repair services range from smaller roof tile repair to complete new roofing system; from single roof slates repair to complete slate roofing system.

All guttering work is welcome; crackdc or broken down pipes repaired or replaced.

Gutter & Roof Clearance

It is recommended that gutters and down pipes undergo annual inspection and clearance because of the damage water can cause to the structure of your building. If ignored, the cost of repairs can be punitive.
Clogged and overflowing gutters can dump gallons of water onto the ground next to the property. This water can cause basement waterproofing problems, foundation erosion, and settlement issues.  It may also cause damp issues on walls in the vicinity of the leak.
Many people think they need waterproofing when they actually just need gutter cleaning. Gutter cleaning is much less costly than waterproofing.



Gutters are anything but glamorous, but they do serve a valuable purpose: managing rainwater and moisture, and routing it from your roof and away from your house. With a quality gutter system, a house will remain dry, and its siding, doors, windows, and foundation will be thoroughly protected from water damage. Granted, some roofs with broad overhangs do not require gutters, but most roofs do. They also must be installed with the correct pitch or you will experience poor drainage,blockage and erosion of the ground below the gutters.


Why Choose Us?

  • Domestic and commercial customers
  • Highly trained and qualified roofing contractors
  • A quality job done every time
  • Valued and recommended roofing specialists
  • All aspects of roofing work undertaken
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • A personal and friendly service
  • Public and employer’s liability insurance


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